Plasma Lighting System

PLS is a revolutionary light source that has characteristics superior to any other light source commercially available. For starters, it is the only true full spectrum light source that provides light in all wavelenghts similar to that of the sun. In addition, it provides some of the highest luminous efficiencies along with high CRI, proof that products designed with environmental considerations don't have to sacrifice performance. It is non-toxic, with no mercury or other heavy metal toxins contained within the product or used during production, and with a bulb life that exceeds 50k hours, maintenance is no longer a big concern.


PSH0731B - 700w Indoor Lamp

This luminaire is ideal for use in shopping malls, large homes, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, indoor sporting arenas and any large indoors space with a ceiling height greater than 15 feet.


PSF1032A - 1000w Outdoor Lamp

For use in outdoor areas where weatherproofing is needed, perfect for stadiums for a variety of sports, golf courses, night-time ski resorts, parks, and use as decorative spot lights with the optional color filters.


PSP1012A - 1000w Pedestrian Lamp

An ideal luminaire for campuses, parks and upscale downtown districts, with an elegance that will bring class to anywhere it's installed.


PSE1012A - 1000w Light Pipe

Perfect for illuminating parking garages, indoor swimming pools, and areas where high humidity or flammable substances can restrict installation of other conventional lighting sources.