Benefits of Full Spectrum Lighting

A full spectrum light source provides light in all the wavelengths, allowing the human eyes to see all the subtle hues to every color. The sun is naturally a full spectrum light source and covers all the light in the visible spectrum. Other light sources simply cannot mimic the supreme quality of light that the sun can provide except for light from plasma light sources.

As plasma light is generated from molecular emission instead of atomic emission, there is no disconnect in the spectrum as you see in metal halide, sodium, mercury vapor, xenon, fluorescent or LED lights. As such, solar panel testers use our lamps as they are the closest manmade source of light to mimic sunlight.

Full spectrum lights not only offer the viewer the benefit and comfort of natural light, but also helps the growth of plants as it aids in the mechanism of photosynthesis. It is also ideal in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder and great for regulating the circadian cycle.