8ft 36w T8 LED Tube - T8-8-36

There are plenty of LED tubes on the market, but none can surpass the efficiency of our newest series. With efficiencies ranging from 105lm/w for the 3000K frosted version to 125lm/w for 5000K clear version, backed by LM-79 testing data, these are the highest performance LED tubes bar none. Now you can save energy without compromising brightness and with our five year warranty, you can put your mind at ease. We've incorporated the highest efficiency power driver that not only dissipates minimal heat, but offers some of the highest PFC performance and lowest THD values out there. .


Available Color Rendering Index: 75Ra, 85Ra
Operating Temperature Range: -4°F ~ 122°F, -20°C ~ 50°C
Power Input: 90vAC ~ 290vAC, 47 ~ 63Hz
Available Beam Angles:140°, 300°
Power Factor Range:.92 PF ~ .99 PF
Total Harmonic Distortion:<13% THD

Model Rated Power Brightness Color Temperature Optical Finish
T8-8-36-C-3 36w 4000lm 3000K Clear
T8-8-36-C-4 36w 4200lm 4000K Clear
T8-8-36-C-5 36w 4450lm 5000K Clear
T8-8-36-C-6 36w 4350lm 6000K Clear
T8-8-36-S-3 36w 3900lm 3000K Striped
T8-8-36-S-4 36w 4100lm 4000K Striped
T8-8-36-S-5 36w 4300lm 5000K Striped
T8-8-36-S-6 36w 4250lm 6000K Striped
T8-8-36-F-3 36w 3800lm 3000K Frosted
T8-8-36-F-4 36w 3950lm 4000K Frosted
T8-8-36-F-5 36w 4200lm 5000K Frosted
T8-8-36-F-6 36w 4100lm 6000K Frosted

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