PSF1032A - 1000w Outdoor Lamp

For use in outdoor areas where weatherproofing is needed, perfect for stadiums for a variety of sports, golf courses, night-time ski resorts, parks, and use as decorative spot lights with the optional color filters.


Power Consumption: 1030w
Brightness: 90000 lumens (Photopic), 130000 lumens (Mesopic) @7500°K
Available Color Temperatures: 5500°K, 6500°K, 7500°K
Color Rendering Index: <85Ra
Available Beam Angles: 10°, 20°, 60°
Typical Life: >30000 hours typical
Power Input: 198~242v AC, 50~60Hz
Weight: 20.0 kg, 44.2 lbs

IES Profiles

PSF1032A - 10° Beam Spotlight
PSF1032A - 20° Beam Spotlight
PSF1032A - 60° Beam Floodlight

Detailed Views

Actual Installations

Cone Lux Levels